Well, this is embarrassing.

It seems that once again, I’ve simply too busy to cater to my blog’s needs. I won’t let this happen so easily though. Hereafter, I’m going to post at least once a week! You heard me! And I’m actually going to stick to my promise this time! I’m sorry for letting you guys down. Starting up something else now as the start of my apology.



Too Vivid An Imagination

Hey, everybody. I’m sorry for not posting recently. I don’t really have an excuse, I’ve just forgotten about this blog until now. I promise to make up for it though. To end off this year with a bang, I’d like to present to you one of my more “”famous”” works. As in, it got published in a local magazine once. But, anyway, I present to you…

Too Vivid an Imagination
In bed,all alone,not a single soul near me
Outside the wall is something I never expected to see
Up on the wall,staring at me with contemptuous eyes
A real life tiger comfortably lies
No idea what to do,not a single clue
Stuck in place,but wanting to run out of the room
Suddenly the beast’s mouth starts to open
Almost as if to arrogantly roar
But no,instead what did happen
Was absolutely petrifying
This is no joke,I am not lying
It squeezed through the window and jumped on my body,numb and sore
I become a possum,and pretend to be dead
Then suddenly I wake up in an empty bed
The conceited creature no longer exists
Being relieved I no longer clench my fists
The hazes hallucination has left me livid
Perhaps,I think,my imagination is a tad too vivid?
I feel a bit happy and a little bit insane
But I cannot look at animals properly anymore,all the same.

This is all true,by the way. Yes, believe it or not, this is a real dream that I’ve had.

I’m a little tired currently, so I’ll update the Author’s Notes tomorrow. Or should I say ‘Next Year’? Hahaha. Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well wherever you are. Thank you for reading this. I’m still a bit small at the moment, but any criticism or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, and Happy ’18!


Edit: So I finally got around to this after a while. Stupid me. Anyway, this one is relatively straightforward. Like I said, this is a real dream I had, ending with a tiger pounding on me. It was pretty nightmarish, and the feeling of absolute terror when I woke up was something I’d never forget. Which is why I made it into a poem, coincidentally. It’s a very vivid experience, obviously, which is why I tried to make it come out like that here. It’s at the loss of some things though, like no proper meter leading to it being a bit off tune.


Hey, everybody. First of all, I’d like to thank everybody who’s followed this blog so far. I wasn’t expecting this from the get go, so it’s a nice little thing to see. As a celebration, I’m posting something today. I made this about a year back. It’s called:

They open the door and crowd into the room wildly
While the centre of the show just stands there mildly
They bring the sacrifice on a plate with some dishes
with a spoon and a knife and give good wishes
The room gets illuminated by a dim candlelight,
But then the central person blows it,  thus losing all sight
Then the lights are switched on and the sacrifice, poor thing,
Gets cut into pieces, while all of them in unison sing
The sacrifice is divided among all equally
And there’s room for more, as far as their stomachs see
And then everybody cheers, and they all chant and say,
“We all wish you a happy birthday!”

And there you have it. Author’s Notes below the cut.

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Murder- A Haiku

Well, seeing as this blog’s been started for a few hours now, I decided to post the first of my works. This one’s from a couple years back. As you may notice by the title, it’s:


Shot right in the heart

The weapon: a stray arrow

The victim: a hawk.


It’s pretty simple, but what better way to start it off, right?

Author’s Notes down below if you’re interested.

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Story Crafter

Hello, everybody. I’m the host of this blog. I have a tendency to change my name a lot, but just call me SC.

You might be wondering the purpose of this site. Well, it’s quite simple. The URL tells it all. This is a place where I’ll post my works, be it literature or art. Simple, isn’t it?

I’ll try to post at least weekly, but work keeps me busy, so don’t expect too consistent a schedule.

Thanks for reading this, and bye!