The Endgame Experience- Part 1 (Spoiler-Free)


It’s been over a week now since the epic conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been released in theatres, and I have to say, what a ride it was! I have to commend everyone behind this for the great work they’ve done. Making so many movies that fit together obviously is not an easy feat, but making them all quality films in their own way is even harder. Granted, a few of them were hit and miss, and opinions differ on some of them, but regardless, it was a great thing to witness. And it was all building up to this film- the great climax of about a decade’s worth of films. And was it worth the wait?

Heck yes, it was!

Of course, being the gargantuan film it was, the wait was absolutely suspenseful to many. I myself tried to stay away from any related news on social media so that I could go into the film without knowing a thing about it. The most I ever saw was the first trailer, which revealed pitifully little (which I daresay is a good thing, in this case).

Of course, not everyone I knew was so lucky. A friend of mine got spoiled on a rather important plot development by complete accident while in a group chat, and got rather upset about it. You had to duck and dodge around the internet to avoid unsavoury users posting key details about the film without any context, and not everyone was successful in this. Another person I knew overheard someone at his workplace talking about more spoilers within earshot. It was a highly anticipated film but due to its nature, it too came with its own pitfalls.

Still, the fact that such a film prompted this was rather insane. And if you would even dare to publicly spoil it to others, you would get loudly heckled and beaten up. For the first time since perhaps the original Star Wars trilogy, people were getting incredibly anxious about a movie like this. And while Star Wars was way before my time, I could tell that even this level of excitement for a film was rather unprecedented. But it was to be expected- after all, the MCU was much, much larger and grander in scale than the Star Wars trilogy as a whole, and was set up for much longer. The heat was on, to put it simply.

The night of my first showing, I could sense it immediately. It was rather late, at about 11 PM yet people crowded the theatre, ready to give the movie a viewing. I almost had the feeling that it was even more crowded now than it had been in the day due to how packed the crowd was. All sorts of people were there- the geeks and the nerds who had familiarised themselves with the comics: the die-hard fans wearing their Avengers T-shirts; the tired office workers who had taken the night to just come and watch the movie; and even parents who had brought along their children (with there even being several toddlers in the audience). I recall there being a group of children who had even gone to the the trouble of having Captain America‘s shield tattooed over their cheek.

Some people had gotten their refreshments early: others had queued up in lines you’d only see otherwise in passport offices; and the rest had simply gone into the theatre already, not wanting to be caught up in the lines in case they would miss the movie starting. Refreshments could wait until the interval for them. Perhaps they wouldn’t want them, either, in case of an untimely bathroom break. I can only assume that if this were in another country without any intervals, the real die-hard fans would simply go in their pants instead of bothering to hold it in till the end of the film. We arrived just five minutes or so before the film began and so, not wanting to take the risk we simply took our seats and waited till the halftime to go buy some refreshments. Of course, not wanting to fall in the trap of needing to go midway, I made sure to consume as little of my drink as possible, only having about 20% of the entire bottle.

Then the film itself started, and it was an unforgettable experience. The normally civilised people in the audience tapped into their primal nature almost uncannily right as the Marvel Studios logo showed up on the screen. It seemed they had conserved all their energy for this moment, at about an hour before midnight had struck. This was something that remained consistent throughout the whole film, which when you consider its 3 hour running time is no laughing matter. It was clear even the tired adults and their even more tired children had their vigour rejuvenated just for this.

Screams and shouts and whistles of joy and excitment echoed throughout the hall as the opening scene began, and they continued as each individual superhero was introduced. Even the minor ones, whom you wouldn’t even expect to have their own fanbase had their own cheers for their introduction. And of course, as the name of the film slowly formed on the screen, the excitement reached its peak. Which was hard to imagine, but they had managed to achieve it anyway. Simply put, the people were hyped!

Of course, as a casual viewer this did get under my skin after a while. I understood the magnitude of the feature, obviously, and the movie did deserve some level of merit for its accomplishments. Still, some of the quieter and even more emotional interactions between the characters in the movie were undercut somewhat by the loud cheers in the gallery. It made it rather difficult to truly get immersed in the film because of this.

Admittedly, I’m not one to speak. I used to be a rather loud fellow while seeing movies myself, even loudly providing my own running commentary as the film went along. But I soon managed to realise the error of my ways and from then on attempted to be more reserved during movies as much as I could. The most I do nowadays is try to readjust myself for more comfort, not wanting my neck to get stiff. Occasionally a minor chuckle partially manages to escape me, and some really silly moments get an eye roll out of me. But other than that, I try not to bother others and ruin the experience for them. So seeing others be as loud as they were did annoy me, albeit surprisingly not much. There were definitely some scenes in the movie which did get a deserved reaction for sure, and I could definitely understand the excitement of the crowd.

After the beginning, the volume thankfully managed to drop. At about this time of night, one would expect at least a good part of the viewers to slightly drop off into slumber. But I could tell it wasn’t the case here. Everyone was now intently staring at the screen, fully concentrating themselves on the movie. The jokes did get their laughs but other than that, people were starting to truly get immersed. Even as long as the movie was, I don’t think anyone even began to fall asleep. After a while, the interval finally hit, leading to several groans of dismay and disappointment. The people simply wanted more, but sadly had to wait for a while.

Then as the movie continued, the crowd came back more intent than ever. Throughout the middle part, people continued to watch in pleasure. And then, as the climactic final battle begun, the cheers and the whooping returned at full measure! Clapping, whistles and laughter erupted as if the theatre had become a gladiatorial stadium, with the great fight taking on-screen! And at this point, it was about 2 in the morning. To see such fiery passion among the members in the gallery at this time was truly incredible.

I wouldn’t have even expected it of myself, but I managed to remain fully lucid throughout the entire flick, my attention unwavering. Even after the movie itself ended, I was staggered. Everyone else seemed to be in their own groups, chatting excitedly about what they had just witnessed. I remained in silence as I was driven home and for the next half hour I simply thought about the film quietly. It was only when I reached home and dropped into my bed I realised how late it had become. This film had managed to achieve something extraordinary, truly, for what it had managed to get out of all the audience members.

And with that being my final thought, I drifted off into slumber.



Hey there, everybody! First off, I’m sorry for the huge hiatus I took. Four months is quite long, I know, but unfortunately I was preoccupied for a lot of the beginning part of this year. Thankfully, some major changes have been going on in my life and soon I’ll be able to temporarily achieve a stabler schedule for this blog (for the next two months at least). So look forward to a burst of new activity on here!

As you can also see, this is a part 1. I wanted to have a second part dedicated to my thoughts on the film itself or even seamlessly weave it in with my narration of the ongoings in the theatre. Alas, a master wordsmith I am not, and I felt this part was long enough as is. So look forward to my official Endgame review sometime next week!

That’s about all I have to say. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!


One thought on “The Endgame Experience- Part 1 (Spoiler-Free)

  1. Small update, Part 2 will probably go up tomorrow. I’ve started writing, don’t worry, I just fear it’ll take a while.

    Edit: It turns out that I might actually go and rewatch this movie soon sometime this week! So I’ll probably get it out then, since the movie will be fresher in my mind. Sorry for the wait, but I’ll still try to write what i can beforehand so that it won’t be too long, at least.


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