One morning, you wake up

Put a hand over your head

Check the temperature- oh no!

The thermometer’s turning red!

You try to reassure yourself

It’s gonna be okay

But then you’re strapped to your bed

And kept there for the entire day

They give you some medicine

To try to get the temp lower

They make you take warm water

To try and combat the fever

So you give it your all

And by the next morning

You get up, and it’s gone

Your head’s not throbbing!

The sickness has vanished

Perhaps for good

And you’re back on your feet

After the hell you just withstood.

Yes, it’s been a while. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. I’ll probably only make posts on here when I’ve either got something ready suitable for this blog or stuff I just write up on a whim (like this). Mostly rare but have patience. I’ll try my hardest to deliver, but it’s going to be harder than it was previously. Thanks for standing by me, guys.


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