Incredibles 2: A Spoiler Review

A sequel 14 years in the making, Incredibles 2 has finally released to the public. I myself was a fan of the original (though not as much as others), and this excited me a lot. So I just had to go see it. Does it live up to the high expectations it set? Find out below. But, as the title says, this review will have spoilers for the film. Watch it first before reading this.

Right, let’s start. First off, I will say this blew me away entirely. It’s a good family film, a great animated classic, and also an amazing superhero flick. I’m not lying when I say preferred this over Avengers: Infinity War in terms of the fight scenes, the characters and the story.

The fight scenes in this one are all well done and the dynamic in each one is very unique. From the very first one with the Underminer to the finale with the ship, they are nicely crafted. I will say my favourite was the one scene between the hypnotised supers and the non-hypnotised ones, as everybody’s powers are used well for the most part while still being well balanced and easy to comprehend. While I’m on the subject, the animation for this was particularly topnotch. You can really see how far they’ve gotten since 14 years back.

The characters are all fun and still well written as ever. The returning characters from the first movie- Bob, Helen, Dash, Vi, Jack-Jack, Frozone, and Edna- are good. I particularly like the subplot with how the children and Bob are annoyed about being relegated for Elastigirl, but the lack of closure to that particular subplot disappoints me a tad. Perhaps in a threequel one day? Nevertheless, that is only a minor complaint. I still think they were handled quite well in the end. Jack-Jack I think was used less than the trailers suggested, but that’s more of a good thing to me, considering I was afraid he would be the new Minion for Pixar.

The new characters- Winston and Evelyn mainly- were also good. I particularly liked the unsubtle puns in their names (Win Endeavour & Evil Endeavour respectively). I’ll admit I saw the twist with Evelyn being Screenslaver coming (the Quality vs Easiness speech she made didn’t exactly help) but she was still interesting with understandable motivations. The talk she had with Elastigirl about buying and selling was very interesting. You don’t exactly see discussions of this stuff in these types of movies nowadays.  Winston…was admittedly more disappointing to me. I half expected him to be his sister’s accomplice, but he just turned out to be an extremely idealistic businessman instead. It’s not like his character is bad, but I just expected something less straightforward than that.

The story was also very pleasant and developed in a very believable manner. The ending is the most rushed part to me, mainly because the major conflicts end too abruptly for my liking, but it’s still well written. Overall, I’d say I like this movie more than the original Incredibles, mainly because the first half of the movie is more dull compared to this, which delivered constant entertainment from start to finish. I definitely recommend this to people who both saw and have never seen the first- it’s that incredible, you could say.

Anyway, that ends this review. Thanks for reading, everyone.


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